Engaging Employees with Internal Communication

20 – 21 September 2007, Vienna
Optimizing Employee Brand Commitment & Speed of any Organizational Change

About the Conference

The Renaissance Hotel in Vienna became the meeting place for a very focused group of senior Internal Communicators from all sorts of companies and different countries. The aim of the conference was to share knowledge and give practical advice to communicators who are facing the challenges of rapid change and reorganisation.
The two days were filled with a good mix of topics focusing mostly on the issues of change management, rebranding and the value that internal comunicators can add to their organisation.
Case study led presentations and interactive panel discussions focused on discussing the „how“ and the „why“ of IC initiatives.

Key topics

  1. Developing integrated approach across the entire organization – aligning communications, HR, marketing, line operations, etc.
  2. How is IC affecting a speed and efficiency of radical organizational change or after an M&A
  3. Using IC to implement changes quickly, with low costs and resistance
  4. Increasing support from all organizational levels to build a communication friendly culture
  5. New social media: Corporate Blogging and Podcasting
  6. Launching internal branding campaigns to become an employer of choice and retain talents
  7. Accelerating employee brand engagement to align your people with your customer experience
  8. Creative approaches to measuring the impact of internal communication

Who attended


Communication Internal /External, Corporate Communication, Change Managers, Human Resources, Internal Branding, Social Media and many more


This is a cross-sector conference focusing on the most dynamic industries: Telecommunications – Fixed & Mobile Operators, ISP, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies and others

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