Pro-Active Channeling in Finance 2008

21 – 22 February 2008, Lisbon
Being pro-active in all channels to drive existing relationships and build new ones.

About the Conference

The market with retail banking products has never been more saturated. With new competitors from other industries, banks are finding it more difficult to fulfill their growth objectives, boost sales and control costs at the same time. In the age of web 2.0 and more demanding customers, traditional retail banks must rethink and redesign the ways they are providing services or they will stay behind.

This event introduced real life case studies from leading banks and non-financial institutions on how to apply proactivity and develop new/alternative channels. Case studies and panel discussions on redesigning traditional channels, branch architecture, incorporating direct sales and service and rethinking the distribution model to create new kinds of customer relationships were the main focus of this event.


“Empiria Group facilitated a well organized conference which radiates quality.”
Channel Manager CCC, ABN Amro

This event brought you

  1. An international line-up of speakers (Europe, Middle East, Russia)
  2. 15+ case studies from the most recognized companies
  3. First hand information directly from senior practitioners
  4. Focused discussions and interactive sessions

Key Topics

  1. Selling online: innovative CRM approach towards alternative distribution channels
  2. Navigating customers to channels of choice (theirs and yours)
  3. Emotion and mind-set: the key to customer behavior and navigation
  4. Proactive SME servicing: Outbound program for SME clients
  5. Customer education and response to the use of web 2.0 technologies
  6. Transforming branches to advisory centers

Who attended

VPs, Directors and Heads in charge of: Channel Strategy, Distribution & Retailing, Multi-channel Delivery, Alternative channels, Online and Mobile Banking, Branch Network, Business Innovation, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service and many more



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